An afternoon on Gender and Mathematics

Jessica Deshler from West Virginia University, who is currently a Fulbright Scholar at Central European University in Budapest, spent an exciting afternoon with BSME students last week offering a colloquium lecture and a workshop on Gender and Mathematics.

The colloquium lecture introduced BSM and BSME students to research findings on Gender and Mathematics, and it raised such a high interest from students that questions kept flooding Jessica long after the end of the talk.

The workshop helped students to analyze classroom observations experienced at the BSME Practicum course from the perspective of gender issues, and to discuss ways in which they would be able to promote gender equity in their own classrooms.

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Program Administrator for Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education
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1 Response to An afternoon on Gender and Mathematics

  1. Map Man says:

    Can you use topology and set theory to categorize the sexes?

    I came across an interesting dissertation that does just that; but is there any precedence for this, or can I write off such a study as humanities-scholar-gone-wacko?

    any response would be welcome


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