Reflections of Budapest

By Sophia Hui – Pomona College, California, 2017 Fall student at BSME

As I am writing this, I am missing Budapest and considering to apply for a Fulbright that will take me back to that beautiful city after graduation. I only have one more year of college bliss left, before reality hits and I have to make a decision about my next move!

Currently, I am living in West Los Angeles and interning at a luxury candy company, Sugarfina, in their Operations and Technology Department. It is definitely a big departure from my previous experience in education, but I have learned so much about how I can apply my math skills in a business setting. However, my experience at BSME has confirmed that my true passion lies with math education. No matter what kind of path I take after college, I am confident that I will end up in my own classroom, figuring out innovative ways to introduce difficult math topics and letting my students navigate the beautiful world of math on their own.

For anybody who is thinking of applying to BSME, just do it! It was hands-down one of the best experiences that I could have ever asked for, and it’s not just because the program is filled with caring and intelligent people who love math. It’s everything – the city, the independence, the cultural differences that opened my eyes – that reminds me that learning is not confined to the classroom. So enter this new experience with an open mind and the excitement to learn everywhere you go.

Hope to see you soon, Budapest!



About Budapest Education

Program Administrator for Budapest Semesters in Mathematics Education
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